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In Vitro Fertilization


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) begins with the collection of oocytes (unfertilized eggs) directly from the ovaries. Once collected, the oocytes are taken to the IVF lab where they are matured for 24 hours. Following maturation, the oocytes are then fertilized using conventional frozen, sex-sorted frozen or reverse-sorted semen. Fertilized oocytes are then incubated for an additional seven days in which embryonic development takes place. The resulting viable embryos can then be transferred into synchronized recipient cattle or frozen using the Direct Transfer method.


Our hormone free IVF system was designed with your animal and business in mind. Eliminating the use of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) from our process comes with many benefits. 

  • No shot schedule - Straight from the pasture, collected and return home the same day.
  • More frequent collections - Collections every two weeks, even weekly in some cases.
  • Collect from pregnant cows - Allows oocyte collection on cows up to 100 days pregnant.
  • Easier on your animals - Less stress, minimally invasive, no drug induced side-effects. 
  • More cost effective - No more overhead drug costs.

"Vytelle's system is proven to produce more embryos and higher pregnancy rates." - Todd Stroud
"Vytelle's system is proven to produce more embryos and higher pregnancy rates." - Todd Stroud


IVF provides you with the ability to mass produce offspring from the top genetics of your seed stock. With the aptitude to shorten the generational interval through IVF, it drastically increases the rate of improvement on your herd. 

Another benefit IVF offers is the ability to mate multiple sires to one donor. During the time of fertilization, oocytes can be divided in to separate groups and each group fertilized by different, preselected sires. Just one more way IVF can put you on the fast track to your desired progeny.

IVF also allows you the opportunity to conserve semen. Whether you have one donor or fifty, there are several ways to maximize the use of semen with IVF. At Hoofstock Genetics, we have the ability to cut a conventional straw of semen in 1/3 increments without compromising the remainder of the unit. Considering quality and concentration, IVF offers the potential for the same straw of semen to be used for three separate collections. Forget artificially inseminating  donors with three straws, one straw of conventional semen is adequate for fertilizing up to fifteen donors.  This capability to maximize the use of your semen inventory is unprecedented. 



Want to learn more about In Vitro Fertilization? We would love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at (817)-613-6095 to schedule a Q&A with a Hoofstock Expert. 


Do you see differences in number of eggs harvested when FSH is not used?

Data shows no difference in the number of oocytes collected or embryos produced with or without FSH.

How long does the collection (OPU) process take?

OPU (Ovum Pick-Up) time per donor varies. On average it takes about 10-12 minutes per donor.

Is the OPU procedure safe?

The oocyte collection process is extremely safe with very low risk. Our non-FSH system greatly reduces the risk of bleeding compared to systems that stimulate with FSH.

How often can an OPU be done?

The regeneration capabilities of ovarian tissues is extremely fast. This allows us to collect the same donor as early as seven days after the previous collection.

Can i opu pregnant cows or pre-pubertal heifers?

Yes! We can collect oocytes from donors up to 100 days pregnant or until the ovaries can no longer be reached through palpation. Heifers can be collected before they reach the age of cycling.

Can i export my embryos to another country?

Yes. Hoofstock Genetics is certified through the USDA  for embryo export, including to the EU.