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Facilities & Herd Management

state of the art facilities


Hoofstock Genetics has spent over five years engineering the facilities to offer our clients a safe and efficient experience for their animals. 

donor management


Your animals well being is our highest priority. Our goal is for your animals to go home in better condition than when they arrived.



Our team of experienced herdsmen offer the highest quality of care for your recipients. From synchronization to watching heats to embryo transfer, we take pride in your herd's success.

Recipient Purchase Program

We are in the business of providing replacement quality females that can adapt to your herd for years to come. 


Everything we do here at Hoofstock Genetics is done with customer satisfaction in mind. We take pride in going the extra mile to provide our clients with a positive experience.

For more information about our facilities, herd management or recipient purchase program, give us a call at